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Psychology Session

Anxiety, Workplace Anxiety
& Social Anxiety

Feeling anxious often and for a variety of reasons?

"Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths."

- C.H. Spurgeon

What is Anxiety, Workplace Anxiety, & Social Anxiety?

In today's fast-paced world, anxiety has become a common companion for many, casting a shadow over everyday experiences. Despite its prevalence, anxiety is often misunderstood. Anxiety is more than just occasional worry or stress; it's a persistent feeling of unease and fear that can be debilitating. It can manifest as physical symptoms, intrusive thoughts, and a constant sense of impending doom. Understanding that anxiety is a natural response to stressors is crucial; it's our body's way of alerting us to potential threats. However, when anxiety becomes chronic and overwhelming, it can significantly impact our quality of life.

Workplace stress and anxiety has become a common challenge, affecting employees across various industries. The pressure to meet deadlines, demanding workloads, and the constant pursuit of perfection can take a toll on our mental and physical well-being. Workplace stress arises from various factors, including high job demands, lack of control, long hours, conflicts with colleagues, and the fear of job insecurity. Workplace anxiety comes from perceived, and sometimes unrealistic, threats usually relating to these stresses. While a certain level of stress can be motivating, chronic and excessive stress can lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and negatively impact both professional and personal lives.

Social anxiety, like workplace anxiety, involves anxiety in a specific aspect of life, the social arena. Social anxiety occurs only during interpersonal, or potential interpersonal, interactions. Often people who experience social anxiety feel excluded from friendships, and have a hard time expressing needs. They may also feel they are being excluded from friends groups, even when they know this is not the case.  

The Impact of Anxiety

Anxiety doesn't just affect our mental state; it takes a toll on our physical health, relationships, and overall well-being. Chronic anxiety can lead to sleep disturbances, weakened immune system, digestive issues, and even cardiovascular problems. It strains relationships, hampers productivity, and diminishes our ability to enjoy life's simple pleasures.


Understanding the root causes of anxiety is key to managing it effectively. While each person's experience is unique, common triggers include unresolved trauma, chronic stress, genetic predisposition, and imbalances in brain chemistry. Identifying these triggers can be the first step toward finding appropriate coping strategies.

Workplace anxiety can affect a persons ability to progress in the workplace, their overall work performance, or cause work to eat into personal time. Social anxiety can cause individuals to give up on making new friends, stay in toxic relationships, and reduce our ability to enjoy our personal lives.

Is therapy right for you?

Anxiety affects millions of people around the world, and we understand how challenging it can be to navigate daily life when you're constantly battling your own thoughts and emotions. Often people experiencing anxiety, feel excluded from life and alone because they are unsure if anyone else can truly understand their experiences. They sometimes also feel like they will be mocked or ridiculed if they share how they really feel. But this does not have to be the case, therapy provides a space to examine your anxiety and find a way to get back to calm and comfortable life.

Our evidence based approaches aim to collaboratively create coping strategies and manage anxious thoughts and behaviours, while directly addressing the root cause of your anxiety. We offer a non-judgmental space for you to discuss your feelings and fears, and work towards overcoming your anxiety at your own pace. We take a holistic approach to treatment, focusing on not just the thoughts, but the physical experience, the emotions, and the interpersonal dimension of anxiety, fostering a sense of balance and stability in treatment and in life.

You don't have to face anxiety alone. By seeking therapy, you're taking a courageous step toward a brighter, calmer future. Together, we'll work on building resilience, enhancing self-awareness, and equipping you with the tools to manage anxiety effectively. Don't let anxiety hold you back from the life you deserve. Take the first step towards healing and hope today. Contact us to schedule a consultation and embark on your transformative journey towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

What to expect

  • A quiet space with a calm, non-judgmental, and unbiased therapist that will encourage the exploration of your experience with anxiety.

  • Providing insight into your own experience of anxiety its physical symptoms and its impact on your quality of life. 

  • An exploration into the root cause of your anxiety at your own pace

  • Evidence based interventions, adapted to your unique experience and situation, that seek to restore your quality of life and reduce your symptoms of anxiety.

  • To be understood, cared for, challenged, and empowered in a patient and understanding manner.

Our Process in a Nutshell

  • Book a consultation - a free 15 minute consultation helps you know if we are the right fit for you. Since healing occurs in relationships this time helps you get a sense of who we are. We also use this time to get a sense of your experience.

  • Complete an Intake form - our intake form provides us with more details about your relationship that can help us understand you better.

  • Getting to know each other - the first few sessions (1-2) primarily helps us get to know you and your experiences in a more intimate fashion. As we get to know you we may ask questions about your past, your present, or your perception about the future. We may also get you to complete some assessments to shed some insight into your experience.

  • Setting goals and a plan to get there - after we get to know you and your experience we give you feedback on your situation then we generate a plan for therapy in collaboration with you. We set goals that will be worked on in and out of session to manage and reduce your anxiety.

  • Doing the work - sessions after the feedback session provide the bulk of the work in therapy, we provide coping skills and help you use the tools provided to manage the intensity of your experience of anxiety. We also work on finding the root cause of your anxiety and address these issues to reduce the occurrence of your anxiety symptoms.

  • Ending well - our goal is always to work ourselves out of a job. As we go through our sessions we will keep an eye on our goals and adjust our involvement accordingly. Our termination process allows for check ins to ensure that change is lasting.

FAQ on Individual Counselling

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